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kara and isabel standing for a photo at the 2019 got the nerve triathlon

I can’t believe it but 10 weeks has gone by and my triathlon was on Saturday. Near the end of my training, I adjusted my expectations and was just hoping to finish without getting injured. And I did finish!

road bike against brick wall

I have done cycling in the past but it was years ago and most of what I was able to accomplish was because my dad did a lot of the background work and I just trained and hopped on the bike. Now that I have a family, I am realizing how much I do not know about bicycles and feel like I am starting over. As someone that feels new to all this, I thought it would be helpful to compile a few resources that I have been discovered that have been helpful for me about cycling.

Reflections on Grit

racing bike leaning against a brick wall

Why I Want Grit

I’ve done a lot of reflecting on “grit,” as this is the word I chose for my “word of the year.” My memo board in the kitchen has this definition: “The passion, perseverance, and stamina we must channel to make our dreams into reality.” It’s a shorter version of a quote I found by Travis Bradberry. Like most things, as I reflect on the word grit, it seems to come up time and again in my life.

Breaking Old Habits and Learning a New Skill

man swimming in the open water

Week 2 is over and once again it didn’t go perfectly but I met my goal of 6 days a week of working out. I am glad that this race is still 8 weeks out because I am feeling pretty out of shape for finishing a triathlon.

someone running just the legs

The week of March 10th has arrived which means that I am 10 weeks out from the Mt. Gretna triathlon. I’m really looking forward to pushing myself these next few weeks, physically of course, but also mentally. Pushing myself to stick to a commitment and building grit into my life. There are three points I’d like to share about how I am preparing for the next this season.

Getting Out My Bike Again

handle bars of a racing bike in the sun

Today I rode my triathlon bike for the first time in probably 6 years. It was a bit nerve racking at first. This is a real racing bike, high seat, leaning forward to reach the handle bars. Special shoes that lock into the pedals. Bright red and black with a streamlined seat and skinny wheels. She’s a beauty. I remember being nervous to click out of my pedals back when I rode it because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get out of them and just flop over and crash.