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Poem of a Tired Mother

Palm trees in a sunset

As I put words onto paper. I am again at a loss for what to focus my thoughts on. Power, death, friendships, poetry, love.

Negative Self-Talk Vs. Positive Mantras

picture of 'you are enough' written in script

That was dumb of me. I feel so stupid. I’m so absent minded. I’m feeling unreliable and frankly unworthy.

I Started Running Again

Patrick running in a mile race.

Here I am. Thirty-three years old. I ran cross country and track in high school. I enjoyed lifting weights during college. I always told myself that when I had kids, I wouldn’t be one of those out of shape parents.

My Many Lists For Work

an assortment of work items on a desk

I wanted to share about the approach I take to project management at my job. I am a Geographic Information Systems Specialist for Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. This means I work with maps and databases. There are many different kinds of projects I’m working on at any given time. So having a project management system that works for me is important.

How we use Essential Oils

a set of essential oils bottles on a shelf

Not another essential oils promotion, you might be thinking. Well this really isn’t too much of one. My husband and I have a fairly balanced approach to oils, if I do say so myself. There are many claims of what essential oils can do and I believe that they do work for some. There are so many views and claims but we just want to explain how we use oils so as to give a different perspective on the whole conversation.