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From Music To Maps (Part 4)

patrick mckinney speaking at central pa gis day.  a large screen with a web map is behind him.

Welcome to the final article in the series tracking my journey from entering college as a music education major to working with maps and technology. At the end, are links to the previous articles in this series.

From Music To Maps (Part 3)

The lake at Blue Spruce Park, located in Idiana, Pennsylvania

Welcome back to Part 3 of the journey that took me from a music education major at Millersville University to working as a GIS Analyst for Cumberland County (Pennsylvania). Part 2 of the story ended with me being one of four finalists for two open positions with an engineering firm in western Pennsylvania. I should probably remind you that I did not get the job.

From Music To Maps (Part 2)

Conemaugh River in Blairsville, Pennsylvania

Welcome back to the story of how I went from a music education major in college to working with maps and technology. The previous article in this series left off with me deciding I did not want to teach in secondary education the semester before I was supposed to complete student teaching.

From Music To Maps (Part 1)

swans and ducks swimming at the pond at Millersville University

I wanted to share the journey I took from entering college as a music education major to now working with maps and information technology. Because there is a lot I want to say, I’m going to break this story into multiple articles. As these are published, I’ll add links to the other articles in the series here at the top.


kara and isabel standing for a photo at the 2019 got the nerve triathlon

I can’t believe it but 10 weeks has gone by and my triathlon was on Saturday. Near the end of my training, I adjusted my expectations and was just hoping to finish without getting injured. And I did finish!

Give Meditation A Try

a man sitting in a field

During this past year, I have discovered the great benefits of daily meditation. As I talked about in my article about running, I started to run and meditate to deal with anxiety I was experiencing.

Growing Up With Foster Kids

A hand covered in paint of rainbow colors

I grew up in a family where we cared for foster children. I am a biological child and I have two sisters who were adopted. I have been asked so many times in my life what it was like to be raised in a family where there were foster children, so I thought I would write about my experience for others who might be interested.

I Have Tourettes

The McKinney family sitting near Lancaster Central Market

I want to start by thanking my wonderful wife Kara for encouraging me to share a part of my life I prefer not to share with anyone. And the few times I have shared it with people, it was only because of some prodding. And even now, I wonder if I should even share this.

I Started Running Again

Patrick running in a mile race.

Here I am. Thirty-three years old. I ran cross country and track in high school. I enjoyed lifting weights during college. I always told myself that when I had kids, I wouldn’t be one of those out of shape parents.