Our family recently took a trip to Lancaster City. We love this city, and visit multiple times a year. This time, we went to check out Brick Heads, a cool little shop selling all things Lego. Lego bricks and minifigures have been a consistent favorite toy for all of our children. I think we’ve seen every episode of Lego Masters at least three times! Needless to say, we were all excited for this trip.

Brick Heads is located in downtown Lancaster City along North Queen Street in the Place Marie mall. While we were visiting, the owner told us they will be moving to a larger space soon. It’s easy to see why this is a popular spot that needs more square footage. Due to COVID-19 and the small space, we had to wait in line to enter. I think this actually made the experience more exciting.

You can buy, sell, or trade Lego toys at this store. And they even have birthday parties for small groups. Along one wall were many pre-owned Lego sets. Moving down the hall toward the birthday party area, there was an enclosed glass case with pre-built Lego figures and sets. At the other end of the store there were single brick pieces for sale, sorted by color. You can buy them by the piece, or fill a small, medium, or large bag for flat prices. We bought a small bag of bricks to use as manipulatives for our homeschool math.

I think my favorite thing about Brick Heads were the minifigures. There was a table where you can build your own minifigures. There are heads, bodies, legs, and plenty of accessories! It is $0.50 per piece. Our kids spent most of their time here, and each walked away with two Lego people. There was also a wall of pre-made mini-figures from all varieties of Lego themes. These varied in price.

If your kids love Lego, or you’re looking to get a Lego-nerd a cool gift, then definitely check out Brick Heads in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The store sells used Lego sets, build-your-own minifigures, pre-made minifigures, and bricks by the piece (or bag). Below are some photos from our trip.

Photograph Tour of Brick Heads

Lego sets in a glass case

a table full of Lego minifigure pieces

hallway with Lego sets for sell along both walls

a wall of Lego minifigures at a store

bins of Lego bricks

used Lego sets for sale in boxes

Lego pieces in bins

Lego pieces in bins