Last weekend, we had a chance to go out to visit Patrick’s family in Western Pennsylvania. While there, we went to an amusement park called Idlewild and SuperSoak Zone. It is voted best children’s amusement park according to many signs throughout the park. This was our third time visiting, so we already had an idea of the rides and layout of the park.

The day started by pulling up to the park only to find out that they didn’t have power and were closed. They told us to check the website for updates as they might be able to open up later that day. We were definitely disappointed to hear this, as we were looking forward to doing this with the kids and talked it up to them.

We explained the situation to the kids and they were disappointed. But when we explained we were going to head to a playground, the disappointment changed to excitement once again (oh the little things). After being at the park, we saw an update that they were going to reopen at 1 pm, so we geared up to go back after we grabbed lunch!

kids riding bumper cars at Idlewild Park

Finally, we arrived at the gates and gave in our tickets. Because of the power outage, they were giving away free tickets! I thought this was a really great gesture for the outage.

Once we got into the park, we were off and running to the different rides. The first one the kids requested was Daniel Tiger’s Trolley ride. This is a fun little ride for all ages. It takes you on a trolley ride around Daniel Tiger neighborhood set in a wooded area. A guide interacts with a recording of the characters and different sets placed around the track. Even though my boys are not much into watching Daniel Tiger anymore, they still loved the ride. My little girl loved it as well.

There are several other rides that are good for small children. My little girl was 37” so she was the perfect size for all most all of them (a 36” height requirement). There are a few that 32” was the height requirement.

people visting Racoon Lagoon at Idlewild Park

There are seven sections of Idlewild. Olde Idlewild is in the center. It features concession stands and most of the rides. They have a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, a couple roller coasters, and spinning-type rides for both younger and older children. There are many food options here. Everything from burgers and fries to ice cream. If you visit Idlewild, you have to get the Classic Cyclone Cone. It’s ice cream in a waffle cone with strawberries and whip cream. It’s a must have for Patrick whenever we visit.

SoakZone is the waterpark. It features a wave pool, large water slides, and a lazy river. There is also a water playground. The kids enjoyed this, although it was a little crazy. You can rent lockers to store your phones and wallets while in the water. We decided not to visit this area of the park this time around.

Hootin’ Holler has a wild west theme. There are a couple rides here, including one of the stops for the train. There are many little stores and a food area. We like to get cheesy fries whenever we pass through this section of the park. Near the end of our time at the park, we watched a little musical act. It involved a sheriff and some bandits coming to town. The actors involved the park visitors, and danced with all the kids after the show. This may have been our kids favorite part of the day.

food and concession stands at Idlewild Park

Jumpin’ Jungle was an area of the park we hadn’t visited before. There is a large rope hill for kids, a ball pit, and burlap sack slides. I think the kids went down the slide five or six times. They definitely loved it. This is an area where your kids can move around and hopefully tire out a bit.

Story Book Forest contains re-creations of various kids books. We didn’t visit this time around, but did during our first visit when Nathaniel was young. During Halloween, this area is turned into a trick-or-treat area.

The last two sections of the park are across the Loyalhanna Creek. They are Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Racoon Lagoon. These function as one area. They have the kids rides and a train that connects to Hootin’ Holler. Some of the rides include water boats, a car ride, bumper cars, airplanes, etc. There are snack stands and a little stage area where there is a Daniel Tiger musical program throughout the day.

If you are ever visiting western Pennsylvania with kids, this park is a must! Check out the Idlewild website for more information.