I have done cycling in the past but it was years ago and most of what I was able to accomplish was because my dad did a lot of the background work and I just trained and hopped on the bike. Now that I have a family, I am realizing how much I do not know about bicycles and feel like I am starting over. As someone that feels new to all this, I thought it would be helpful to compile a few resources that I have been discovered that have been helpful for me about cycling.

Best Practice for Switching Gears

It probably comes naturally to some people but I always struggled with knowing how to switch my gears, especially going up hills. Reading this article helped clarify a few things for me.


How to Change a Tube

This is the video I watched to learn how to change my flat. Its clear and helpful!


How Bicycle Pedals and Shoes Work

First off, I didn’t realize that cleats and shoes and pedals are three different components. You buy the cleats and pedals typically together and then shoes that fit the cleat style. For road biking you are typically going to buy a three hole system shoe. Here is a link to an article on all you need to know about this.


How to Prevent Knee Injury

When I biked 10 years ago, I believe I pushed my body a bit to hard and ended up hurting my knee. Everyone thought it was strange that I hurt my knee biking but I believe now it was because my quads and muscles surrounding my knee were not strong enough to deal with all the biking I was doing. This is why now I incorporate a day of body weight working out into my routine so that I can keep my legs strong. This link shows some good exercises.


How to Maintain Your Bike

Yet another topic I didn’t really know anything about was keeping up with my bike. Its seems obvious but now I know that I need to keep the chain lubed up and keep it clean. Check out this article about how to.


Workout Summary Week 4


Biked 5 miles and ran 1 mile. I did my first block workout today which felt amazing and tough. My legs definitely felt like jello and I only did a 5 mile before hand. I only have 6 more weeks to go till the race and it’s making me nervous.


I literally just dance with my daughter around the room and up and down steps and did some abs and man was it sweat worthy! But so fun.


I did 60 minutes on the bike trainer tonight. Thank you to Umbrella Academy for the entertainment.


Ran outside 2.6 miles. Nice day out.


Took off.


I swam a 1000 continuous which was tough on the arms and good for the mind. Then I also did my 5x 50s. Hit them on the 39 today.


40 min on the bike trainer tonight. Put up some sweat and did about 11 miles.