We are super excited to tell you about our stay at Tiny Estates in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Not only were we pumped to stay in a tiny house for the first time, we also are thankful that a place like Tiny Estates is so close to us and on the east coast.

We had originally planned to stay in a tiny house in Ronks, PA, in June of 2017, but our plans were thwarted when our daughter came a few weeks earlier than expected. This didn’t change our desire to stay in a tiny house however. In early spring 2018, we decided we would give the tiny house in Ronks another try. Unfortunately, staying here was no longer an option. We think we discovered Tiny Estates through a suggested post on a social media feed. We were super excited to learn about a tiny house community so close to home. Patrick had been thinking about buying some music gear with his birthday money, but decided to book a night at Tiny Estates instead.

a building with a sign for Tiny Estates

As Lancaster City is near Elizabethtown, we decided we would visit our favorite city during the trip. We have always loved visiting, walking around, and exploring Lancaster. It’s a pretty important part of our story. We now joke that it is good we don’t live in Lancaster City because we aren’t rich enough to enjoy it all the time

Check in was at 3:00pm, so we could take our time visiting Lancaster. We started the morning visiting friends in Lititz, which happens to be a cool little town north of Lancaster City. We grabbed a late lunch at our favorite pizza joint called the Fridge. The Fridge has several fridges full of craft beers, which we chose not to partake of this time.

a playground at Lititz Springs Park

After lunch, we walked around Lancaster, got some good coffee and tea at Passenger Coffee. We got to chat with a guy about tiny houses and check out the merchandise at Foxduck Print. Lastly, we grabbed cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place ever, Lancaster Cupcake. If you are heading to Lancaster City on a Saturday, you don’t want to miss the downtown market. It’s so fun to explore, we love it! A top-tier market experience for sure.

With our Saturday well underway, we finally headed over to Elizabethtown to check into Tiny Estates. There is a building to check in with a welcoming little porch and sign. Right away you can see the tiny homes scattered around a pond.

a pond an multiple tiny houses at Tiny Estates

There is a great diversity of tiny houses here, both in size and design. We stayed in the Low Country, which is one of the largest homes at Tiny Estates. The house is built on a three-axle gooseneck trailer. There was a small porch at the front door. When you go inside, you’re in the kitchen and living area.

This kitchen boasted a refrigerator, a propane oven with four ranges, and plenty of cabinet space. The living area included a couch that can convert into a bed. There was a TV mounted to the wall. When you stay at Tiny Estates, wi-fi and YouTube TV are included. We thought about watching a movie, but decided to use the casting function from our phones. We mostly watched our friend Cody Wanner, Jim Gaffigan, and John Crist. All of the houses are on the same network, so I kept getting notifications when someone was casting YouTube in another home.

inside of the Low Country tiny house, looking toward the bedroom

inside of the Low Country tiny house, looking toward the living room

Above the living area was a loft with a full size mattress. For someone as tall as Patrick (over six feet), there wasn’t much room to sit up. But, there was a great view of the pond and other houses. As you move toward the gooseneck, there is a bathroom with a beautiful shower. There were towels and shower soaps.

There were some cool (but wide) wooden steps leading up to the main sleeping area. Underneath the steps was a washer/dryer combo unit. I’m still not clear if the steps could be removed, or if it was just awkward to wash clothes in this house. The main sleeping area had a queen sized bed, a small table, and lots of extra storage space. There was one big drawback for Kara. There were no blinds or curtains in this sleeping area. And she likes her room dark at night.

the shower in the Low Country tiny house

After we checked in we made a soup. Not having experience cooking with propane, there was a weird smell while the burners were on. So we just had all the windows opened for ventilation. The house also has a mini-split heat pump/air conditioner. It took us awhile to figure out how to make the house less cold.

After dinner, we walked around the grounds of Tiny Estates. We got to see some really cool looking houses. There are a few community/common areas. They include fire pits, hot tubs, and party games, like cornhole and ladder golf. There are long-term plans to add an event space and pool near the entrance. During our walk, we saw some people working on an old school bus.

the kitchen in the Low Country tiny house

commons area at Tiny Estatest with hot tub and fire pit

On the way back to our house, we stopped and talked to some people in a truck. It turned out to be the owner of Tiny Estates and her fiance. We got to learn a little more about how Tiny Estates came to be. And, by the way, they were the people converting that bus into a tiny house on wheels. We also met some boys fishing in the ponds. They told us the history of this site. When Kara had been a kid, this place was a standard campground. It sounds like the property changed hands a few times, and went through a low point. But it definitely sounds like Tiny Estates is breathing some fresh air into this place. And we are definitely excited about a tiny house community in Pennsylvania.

As evening approached, Patrick played some guitar on the porch, while Kara and Isabel soaked it all in. Putting Isabel to bed did not work. We tried to put her in a pack-n-play in the kitchen. But she did not want to go to sleep. Kara did a quick search for ice cream shops. Luckily, the Udder Bliss is a few miles away. It’s next to Darrenkamps, which was a local grocery store, but is now closed.

a group of tiny houses at Tiny Estates

We hope these pictures and a desire to try new experiences will get you to stay at Tiny Estates. We’ve talked about moving to a smaller space when we’re empty nesters. Maybe it will be a tiny house, a smaller house with some land, or a condo in the city. Lastly, we wanted to thank Patrick’s parents who watched our boys during this trip, and made it possible. Although we only took Isabel along, we plan to return with the whole family and stay in the K&H Farmhouse.