Not another essential oils promotion, you might be thinking. Well this really isn’t too much of one. My husband and I have a fairly balanced approach to oils, if I do say so myself. There are many claims of what essential oils can do and I believe that they do work for some. There are so many views and claims but we just want to explain how we use oils so as to give a different perspective on the whole conversation.

My husband and I fully believe in modern medicine and use it in our house often. I’m well aware of the polarizing viewpoints on these topics so before we move on let’s just agree that we all love our children and are doing the best we can for them.

This being said we also love essential oils. We use them in our laundry, in diffusers around the house, and put them on our body for various reasons.

an essential oil diffuser sitting on a fireplace mantle

Here is a list of oils we love and how we use them most:

  1. We love our house smelling like goodness, so instead of candles we diffuse oils. Typically we diffuse lavender at night right at bedtime. Downstairs during the day, we diffuse peppermint and orange mix. We figure if there are some minimal benefits happening then great but I don’t think either of us can actually tell the difference. We just like the smell.

  2. We like a mixture of coconut oil and lavender in a jar handy. In case the kids are wild at bedtime and after baths, we rub some over them like lotion. I find it handy after I shave my legs. I’ve always had really irritated skin and it truly helps better than the standard lotions I’ve tried to calm the itch.

  3. We use a bug off blend of oils mixed with some coconut oil and put it on kind of like a lotion or sunscreen. Patrick says it works well - so that is saying something considering this guy complains about bugs to the high heavens most of the time. (He would say, “Well bugs really like me and my blood!”) You do need to reapply every hour or so though.

  4. We like to put lavender or orange in our washer and on a dryer sheet for laundry. This gives a non toxic fresh smell to our clothes. (we use either free and clear or homemade laundry soap)

  5. Sometimes we put a couple drops of orange, peppermint, or lemon with some ice cubes down our garbage disposal to clean it out a bit.

  6. We put some lemon drops in our dishwasher for similar reasons as number three. Perhaps the oils are making our dishes extra clean but not entirely sure, just gives a bit of a fresher smell. (we make our own dishwasher soap so there is no scent unless we add it)

  7. We also use oils in other cleaning products around the house like a carpet deodorizer (lavendar and lemon) and our multi purpose cleaner.

a set of essential oils bottles on a shelf

As you can see, we like using essential oils, but we just don’t see the big claims in our house for medicinal purposes. We also really like Rocky Mountain Essential oils which are quality but also reasonably priced. Not promoting them or getting paid here just wanted to share our favorite brand. If you are curious and you haven’t tried them yet, its worth giving one or two kinds a try!

You just might find some handy uses for them.