Today I rode my triathlon bike for the first time in probably 6 years. It was a bit nerve racking at first. This is a real racing bike, high seat, leaning forward to reach the handle bars. Special shoes that lock into the pedals. Bright red and black with a streamlined seat and skinny wheels. She’s a beauty. I remember being nervous to click out of my pedals back when I rode it because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get out of them and just flop over and crash.

Today I didn’t use my shoes that lock into the pedals, I just wore my sneakers. Would I be able to ride it? Maybe after three pregnancies, I lost my equilibrium to balance on a bike. Finally, I mustered up the courage to get on and start pedaling. It felt good to push the pedals and feel like I was cutting through the air with ease. I came up to the cul de sac turn around and for a moment worried I wouldn’t be able to turn without falling. But it did all come back to me. I decided to ride it to work (a whole mile away). It felt so good to feel my legs burning and heart pumping as I pedaled up the hills and soared back down.

Why might you ask did I even get on after 6 years? Well, praises to my dad for fixing it up as after 6 years of sitting around, it had started to look quite sad. I have been wanting to get back into training for triathlons again as this was an enjoyable activity for me in years past. I also started coaching as an assistant for my local college swim team and it has reignited a passion in me to do all these things again. Having three children in less than four years, meant my focus was on that for awhile. But now that my youngest is one, my husband and I are both starting to try and live our lives a little less tired and more productive.

I plan to share a bit of my journey as I train for a triathlon in May so if you are interested, stay posted each week for my training updates.