Week 2 is over and once again it didn’t go perfectly but I met my goal of 6 days a week of working out. I am glad that this race is still 8 weeks out because I am feeling pretty out of shape for finishing a triathlon.

I want to highlight two things that happened to me over this week. The first thing that happened is that my biking cleat broke when I was biking on Monday. I am pretty bummed about this but I think I will be able to fix the shoe. With my old habits of working out, I would have taken this as an out to stop exercising that day. I was able to push past this thought and got back on my bike with sneakers. I’m proud of myself that I am working on breaking old patterns in order to create some grit in my life even though it is quite hard day to day.

The second thing that happened is that I learned a new skill related to biking. We have had a flat tire on our running stroller for sometime. I literally have pushed it around the mall and a few other places bumping up and down because I didn’t know how to fix it and just didn’t take the time to figure it out. Then a couple weeks ago I also realized my front bike tire was flat. In order to bike on the bike trainer, I just put the front wheel on a blanket and ignored it…because I didn’t know how to fix it.

So one of the days this week Patrick and I really wanted to go running together with the strollers but because the running stroller wheel was completely flat, it wasn’t an option. The next day, I decided to try and buy a new tube and learn how to fix it. I watched a couple YouTube videos and went to work to attempt to fix the stroller tire. My kids got to watch me learn a new skill and replace the tube. That afternoon we were able to go for a run, two strollers in front of us as we went down the road.

Since I have learned this I now can fix my bike tire. It was definitely a little tricky to get the tire off of the wheel but overall it is pretty easy to do. I was avoiding trying to figure it out because I was kind of scared that it would be really hard. It’s tough trying to learn something new or putting yourself in situations that are sometimes uncomfortable but when you finally take the step to do it, you find out its either fun or really rewarding after all.

Week 2 Workout Summary


Planned: Bike 15 miles easy to moderate.

Today I got on my bike set up in my bike trainer tonight and was motivated and ready to go. I have my bike computer all set up and was ready to track how many miles I was going. Around mile 9, all of a sudden my cleat broke. The whole bottom part of shoe separated from the shoe body. These shoes are pretty old so I shouldn’t be surprised that something like this happened. However, it appears to be something that shoe glue can fix. I almost stopped when this happened because I was pretty bummed about it but I decided to put on my sneakers and keep going. I got to mile 13 and started to feel a little pinch in my knee. The benefit of working out on my own, I can really listen to my body. I decided to stop there and take it as a sign to finish up for the evening. I did the 13 miles in about 45 min.


Planned: Will run outside, 1 mile run then 4x (.5 mile run, 1 min walk)

Today Patrick and I were able to run together with the kids in the strollers. We ran 2.2 miles and switched pushing the two strollers off and on. The boys are in the double and it is definitely quite difficult to push. Iz was in the running stroller and it feels like a breeze compared to the boys.


Planned: Bike 50 min

I ended up not working out tonight because I got really motivated to work on a craft project that I have been wanting to work on. Then I lost track of time and worked on it all night.


Planned: Swim 1400 yd workout

A friend of mine was super gracious to support me by watching my kids over lunch today so I could go swim at the pool! It was great workout. I did 1500 yds total. 4x100 free on 2:00 min. I descended them by 1 sec each starting at 1:23, 1:22, 1:21, 1:20. Then I did 5x50 free on :50 holding :39 and :40. These are improvements from my times previous so it was encouraging.


Planned: Bodyweight workout

I did a 20 min bodyweight, cardio, and abs workout.


Planned: Run

Patrick and I got to run together alone! It was so nice to not be pushing a stroller! We did a 2.8 mi run together.


Planned: Day off (changed to bike 50 min)

I was able to get on my bike today for a little. The kids were playing their own version of soccer in the living room while I biked with the trainer. I only biked for about 30 min but it was still a quality workout. I still have to figure out some of the stuff with my bike computer in order to get the most out of my training. I focused on my cadence today and keeping it around 90 RPM.