The McKinneys hiking at White Rocks

McKinney Party of 5

Welcome to our blog! We are the McKinneys as you may have gathered from the name. Thanks for visiting! The adults in this clan go by the names of Patrick and Kara, and we have loads of fun helping three little children navigate their growing up years.

We will be writing articles on all kinds of topics. From the adventures we take, to the things we are digging right now. From challenges we choose to take on, to the struggles we cannot control. We hope you find inspiration, camaraderie or just some laughs along the way.

Recent Articles

From Music To Maps (Part 3)

The lake at Blue Spruce Park, located in Idiana, Pennsylvania

Welcome back to Part 3 of the journey that took me from a music education major at Millersville University to working as a GIS Analyst for Cumberland County (Pennsylvania). Part 2 of the story ended with me being one of four finalists for two open positions with an engineering firm in western Pennsylvania. I should probably remind you that I did not get the job.

Poem of a Tired Mother

Palm trees in a sunset

As I put words onto paper. I am again at a loss for what to focus my thoughts on. Power, death, friendships, poetry, love.

Coffee Shops and Skipping Church

a cup of coffee with a book in the background

I wanted to reflect on an experience from over ten years ago. It was the summer of 2007. I was living in Millersville for the summer. Most of my friends graduated that May, but I still had another semester left. College was a great experience. I met a lot of cool people, played in a band, and discovered Jesus Christ. So much had happened in those four short years. But I was still immature.