The McKinneys hiking at White Rocks

McKinney Party of 5

Welcome to our blog! We are the McKinneys as you may have gathered from the name. Thanks for visiting! The adults in this clan go by the names of Patrick and Kara, and we have loads of fun helping three little children navigate their growing up years.

We will be writing articles on all kinds of topics. From the adventures we take, to the things we are digging right now. From challenges we choose to take on, to the struggles we cannot control. We hope you find inspiration, camaraderie or just some laughs along the way.

Recent Articles

Visiting Idlewild Amusement Park

kids riding an airplane ride at Idlewild Park

Last weekend, we had a chance to go out to visit Patrick’s family in Western Pennsylvania. While there, we went to an amusement park called Idlewild and SuperSoak Zone. It is voted best children’s amusement park according to many signs throughout the park. This was our third time visiting, so we already had an idea of the rides and layout of the park.

Negative Self-Talk Vs. Positive Mantras

picture of 'you are enough' written in script

That was dumb of me. I feel so stupid. I’m so absent minded. I’m feeling unreliable and frankly unworthy.


kara and isabel standing for a photo at the 2019 got the nerve triathlon

I can’t believe it but 10 weeks has gone by and my triathlon was on Saturday. Near the end of my training, I adjusted my expectations and was just hoping to finish without getting injured. And I did finish!